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Sultan Al Owais Poet


Born in the village of Al Hirah, Sharjah, UAE, in 1925.

His family has given the UAE many prominent men of letters and scholars such as the poet Salim Bin Ali Al Owais, the historian Omran Al Owais and the litterateur Ahmad Bin Ali Al Owais.

Sultan was raised in a household known for their love for science and literature. This polished his talent since his early years. He became one of the prominent poets in the Gulf and the Arab World. His poems were popular in Syria Lebanon, Egypt and other countries. Through his friendships with other Arab poets, Sultan could introduce his country and his compatriot poets throughout the Arab World.

The Al Owais family were pearl merchants for long times. They had very famous figure in the trade such as Ali Abdullah Al Owais, father of Sultan. He made a vast wealth of this business until the demise of the pearl trade. And Sultan became one of the most successful and famous businessmen in the UAE.

Trade took Sultan in long travels, especially to India. His life was greatly enriched by these experiences.

He has a printed collection of poems and critics consider his literary works as a bridge between two generations of poets in the country. The UAE Writers Union published a collection of critiques on his poetry in the book Sultan Al Owais, the merchant Poet.

In addition to poetry and wealth, Sultan was also a prominent philanthropist, benefiting people in the UAE and the Arab World. This Award which carries his name became one of the most prominent awards in the Arab World.  

The Award developed into an autonomous cultural foundation by the virtue of Emiri Decree No. 4 dated March 21, 1994 issued by H. H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai.

He was the founder of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and chaired the boards of several major joint stock companies such as the National Bank of Dubai.

Sultan passed away on January 4, 2000