The Arab Theatre Authority has announced the 2011 winners of its annual playwriting competition in its two categories; "Writing for Adult Audiences" and "Writing for Children's Theatre", on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011. The jury panel of the playwriting competition for children's theatre; which consisted of Lina Al Tal, Yousef Al Hamdan and Mahmoud Abu Abbas, decided on awarding the first prize in the category of "Writing for Children's Theatre" to playwright Abeer Galal (Egypt) for her theatrical text "My Story with Grandmother". The second prize in the same category went to playwright Fadel Sudany (Denmark) for his theatrical text "Mariam and the Golden Eagle", while playwright Saeed Atlili (Morocco) was awarded the third prize for his text "The Trial". Meanwhile, the jury panel of the playwriting competition for adult audiences; which consisted of Awad Ali, Yehia Al Haj, Al Rasheed Ahmed, and Ibrahim Salem, decided to withhold the first prize for this year's competition. The second prize in this category was awarded to playwright Karim Rashid (Iraq) for his theatrical text "I Came to See You", while the third prize was shared by two plays; "Marble" by playwright Ibrahim Hessawy (Syria) and "The Roof of the House" by playwright Khaled Khammash (Palestine). The jury panel also commended three other plays: "Patient Number Zero" by playwright Hisham Zein El Din (Lebanon), "The Century of Shame" by playwright Talal Nasr El Din (Syria), and "The Last Dinner" by playwright Hussein Mahmoud Ali (Iraq).