Lebanon based Iraqi playwright Jawad Al Assadi began 'playwriting' the poetry of Mahmoud Darwish into a play in a liturgical celebration in the stages of Babel in Al Hamra Street (Beirut); a belated salutation to "a poet and a friend." In form, Al Assadi wanted to revive the memory of the late Palestinian poet, but in content the Iraqi director was seeking his work to be a "reading of the relationship between the dialectic Darwishian poem with death and life, the chronic Palestinian pain, through presenting a new formulation of the text" – where actors will read excerpts from "Jidaria" and "Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone." It is worth noting that Al Assadi took the works of Saadallah Wanous Ras Al Malik Jaber and The Rape; as well as the works of Jean Genet The Maids and others to the stage. He also inspired, in his own way, the works of Anton Chekhov, William Shakespeare's Macbeth, and Federico García Lorca's Saxophone Women.