The Jordanian capital recently held a symposium honoring scholar Dr. Nasir al-Din al-Assad. The event was organized by the Muslim Unity Center in collaboration with the World Islamic Call Society. Assistant Secretary of the World Islamic Call Society, Ibrahim Algoil, and the professor of political sociology at the Lebanese University, Talal Atrisi, presented two working papers about the intellectual role of al-Assad in general, his role in modern theology, his efforts in the dialogue of civilizations and religions, and for defining the Muslim era for Muslims. Several other researchers and scholars also presented their working papers examining his valuable contributions to modern literature and the arts of different literary definition of The honoring symposium was held in the conference hall at the Royal Cultural Center, and al-Assad was presented with shields from the World Islamic Call Society, Muslim Unity Center, and the Jordanian Ministry of Culture. Al-Assad is a member of several Arabic Language Societies in Jordan, Damascus, Cairo, India and China. Al Owais Foundation recently re-printed his work entitled Sources of Al Jahili Poetry and their Historical Value.