The 12th edition of the Sharjah Arabic Poetry Festival, which will be launched on January 5, 2014, will honor Palestinian poet Harun Hashim Al Rasheed and Emirati poet Salim Al Zumar; who are the winners of the 4th Sharjah Award for Arabic Poetry. The two poets will be honored at the opening ceremony of the Festival, which will take place at the Sharjah Cultural Palace. This tribute from the Emirate of Sharjah to the two poets aims to celebrate and recognize their poetic careers and their contributions to Arabic poetry. The two poets have participated in numerous Arabic poetry events and enriched the Arabic library with many publications and poetry collections that helped establish the status of Arabic poetry in today's world. Palestinian poet Harun Hashim Al Rasheed is considered one of the most influential and prolific poets who have greatly contributed to the Arabic poetic scene. His writings, including poetry and studies, have tackled various national issues and have displayed great poetic creativity and eloquence. In 1977, Al Rasheed was awarded the first prize for theatrical poetry from the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), and he also received the first prize for Arabic poetry. Some of his most important poetry collections include: "Ma'a Al Ghuraba'" (With Strangers); "Awdat Al Ghuraba'" (The Return of the Strangers); "Ghaza fee Khat Al Nar" (Gaza in Crossfire); "Ard Al Thawarat" (Land of Revolutions: An Epic); "Hatta Ya'ood Sha'buna" (Until Our People Return); "Safeenat Al Ghadab" (Anger Ship); "Risalatan" (Two Letters); "Rihlat Al Asefa" (Stormy Voyage); "Fida'eyoon" (Fedayeen); "Mazamir Al Ard Wal Dam" (Psalms of Land and Blood); "Al Su'al" (The Question: A Poetic Play); "Al Rujoo'" (The Return); "Mufakirat Aashiq" (A Lover's Diary); "Al Majmou'a Al Shi'riya Al Kamila" (Complete Works); "Yawmiyat Al Sumood Wal Huzn" (Diary of Endurance and Grief); "Al Naqsh fee Al Zalam" (Inscribing in the Dark); "Al Mazza" (Mazza); "Asafeer Al Shawk" (Thorn Birds: Poetic Play); "Toyoor Al Janna" (Birds of Heaven) and "Warda Ala Jabeen Al Quds" (A Rose on the Forehead of Jerusalem). Moreover, Al Rasheed also authored other works of fiction, such as "Sanawat Al Athab" (Years of Suffering), as well as numerous studies, including: "Al Shi'r Al Muqatel fi Al Ard Al Muhtalla" (Combatant Poetry in the Occupied Territories), published by Al Maktaba Al Asriya; "Sayda" (Saida) 1970; "Madina Wa Sha'ir: Haifa Wa Al Buhairi" (A City and a Poety: Haifa and Al Buhairi) by Dar Al Hayat Publishing, Damascus, 1975; "Al Kalima Al Muhariba fee Falasteen" (The Warrior Word in Palestine) by the General Egyptian Book Organization, Cairo, 1973. Emirati poet Salim Rashid Al Zumar, winner of the Sharjah Award for Arabic Poetry in the "Local Poetry" category, works as a cultural advisor at the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center and a Consultant at the Higher Administration of Dubai Courts. He writes both Arabic poetry and Nabati poetry. He is the author of classical Arabic poetry collection "Aghla Al Rasa'il" (The Most Precious Letters); and the Nabati Poetry Collection "Jamr Al Ghada" (Wood Embers), "Subh Al Haya" (Morning of Life) and "Bairut wa Qas'id Ukhra" (Beirut and Other Poems). He also wrote a book about the language of Nabati poetry, which is entitled "Classical Nabati Poetry" as well as another book called "Ta'ir Al Shi'r" (Poetry Bird). He also authored numerous literary articles, columns and studies in magazines in the UAE, GCC countries and the Arab world. Moreover, he produced and hosted many programs on poetry and literature, and has been an active contributor to the cultural, intellectual and poetic scenes in the UAE and the Arab world.