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Sh. Hamad Al Jasser

Winner Cultural & Scientific Achievments
Forth Circle 1994-1995

  • Born in Al Burood Village North of Qussaim, KSA 1328 H.
  • Was sick throughout his childhood, after which he studied in Riyadh.
  • Taught in Yanbe’ 4 years
  • Appointed as judge in the north, but left to Cairo to join the Literature College.
  • Published Al Yamama Magazine 1372 H
  • In 1374H established the first printing press in Riyadh
  • One year ;ater he turned the magazine into a weekly.
  • Launched Al Riyadh Daily in 1385 H
  • Became well-known as one of the pioneering figures in Arabia.


Decision of the General Secretariat

Having reviewed the nominees representing several fields, and most Arab Countries, the Trustees Council of Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Awards decided on its session of 8/10/1995 to grant the award to Thinker and Researcher Shaikh Hamad Al Jasser.

He was chosen because of his contributions to the Scientific and cultural development in his Counrty, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the whole Arab Homeland. During a fertile era of more than half a century, his achievements varied from issuing Al Yamama  and Al Riyad Newspapers, Al Arab Magazine, to establishing the first printing press followed by a publishing house in Najd; in addition to writing tens of studies, researches and other works that had a great positive effect in Saudi Arabia and abroad, and eventually became a reference and a model for other writers and researchers.


In his works, Al Jasser was very careful to deliver the correct and honest information to the reader, relying on historic evidence as well as on analysis and rationalisation. In addition, he was a trustworthy verifier of heritage manuscripts, where he compared existing manuscripts and verified the proper names.


One of his most important works was the verification of “Al Barq A; Yamani Fi Al Fat’h Al Othmani, Bilad Al Arab, Al Manasik, Ma’alim Al Jazera, in addition to writing the Geographic Dictionary of Saudi Arabia in 21 volumes, out of which 8 have been published so far. His many books and studies corrected a lot of information about Arabia. In all, his total works, not including published books, stood at 1117 articles, studies and research.


Al Jasser devoted most of his life to writing and verification, which made him an international authority on the history and geography of Arabia. He was granted membership of several Arab Institutes, such as the Arab Scientific Institute in Damascus since 1951, Arab Scientific Institute in Baghdad since 1954, the Arabic Language institute in Cairo since 1958, and others.


Famous Works

  • Abu Ali Al Hajari
  • The Effect of Pilgrimage on spreading culture
  • Imam Abu Is’hac Al Harbi and his book on Pilgrimage
  • Al Barq Al Yamani Fiu Al Fat’h Al Othmani
  • Bilad Al Arab – Al Hassan Al Asfahani
  • Yebu’
  • Jamharat Aksab Al Osar in Najd
  • Al Durar Al Munadhama fi Akhbar Al Hajj
  • The Geographic dictionary of North KSA
  • The Geographic dictionary of KSA t towns, villages and desert resources
  • Al Shoyoukh Dictionary
  • KSA Tribes Dictionary
  • Excerpts from Al Ayashi voyage
  • A summary of the two trips of Qbdul Salam Al Derei Al Maghrebi
  • News of Hijaz & Najd in Al Jabarti History.