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Dr Abdullaziz AlMaqaleh

Winner Poetry
Eleven session 2008 - 2009

Brief Cultural Biography

• BA, 1970
• MA, Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, 1973
• PhD, University of Ain Shams, 1977
• Professor of Literature and Modern Criticism in the Faculty of Arts, University of Sanaa
• President, University of Sana'a (1982 – 2001)
• Head of the Center for Studies and Research Yemen, Sanaa
Awards Received
• Lotus Award, 1986
• Order of Arts and Letters, Aden, 1980
• Order of Arts and Letters, Sanaa, 1982
• Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture, in collaboration with UNESCO, Paris, 2002
• Knight Award of the first degree in literature and arts from the French Government, 2003
• Arab Culture Award, Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science, 2004

Major Works
Poetry (roughly translated)

• There Must be Sanaa
• Marib Speaks (in conjunction with Ambassador Abdu Othman)
• A Letter to Saif bin Dhi Yazan
• Yemeni Footnotes On the Alienation of Ibn Zreik al-Baghdadi
• The Return Waddah Yemen
• Writing with the Rebellious Sword of Ali bin al-Fadl
• Exiting from the Sulaymaniyah Circles of Time
• Papers of a Body Returning from Death
• Alphabet of the Soul
• A Book of Sanaa
• A Book of the Village
• A Book Friends
• A Book of Bilquees and Poems to the Waters of Grief
• A Book of Cities

Literary and Intellectual Studies (roughly translated)
• A Reading in Contemporary Yemeni Literature
• Colloquial Poetry in Yemen
• Substantive and Technical Dimensions of Contemporary Poetry Movement in Yemen
• Voices from the New Era
• A Reading Zaidi and Nonconformists thought
• Al Hawrash Al Shahid Al Murabi
• The Crisis of the Arabic Poem
• Ali Ahmad Ba Kathir the Pioneer of Contemporary Arabic Poetry
• Priorities of literary criticism in Yemen
• Giants at the Turn of the Century
• Poets from Yemen
• Zubairy – Yemen's Rebellious Conscience

Studies of His Poetry

• Critical Illuminations; Dr Izz al-Din Ismail and Dr Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijazi et al
• Open texts: Studies on the poetry of Dr Abdulaziz AlMaqaleh: A group of critics
• The Structure of Poetic Discourse: Dr Abdul Malik Murtad
• The Poetry of Poem: Dr Abdul Malik Murtad
• Balanced Modernity (Abdulaziz AlMaqaleh: the character, the self and life): Dr Ibrahim Al Jaradi
• Psychological Content in the Poetry of Dr Abdulaziz AlMaqaleh: Jasim Karim Habib
• Three contemporary poets of Yemen (in English): Bahgat Riad Saleb
• Dr  Abdulaziz AlMaqaleh the Critic: Dr Thabit Bidari

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