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Dr. Yousef Al Qaradhawi

Winner Cultural & Scientific Achievments
Sixth Circle 1998-1999

  • Born in Safat Turab village, Al Gharbia, Egypt, 1926
  • BA- First Graduate, Al Azhar University, 1952
  • BA from Arabic College, Al Azhar University, 1954- First Graduate of three Al Azhar Colleges
  • Graduate Diploma, Higher Institution of Arabic and literature, 1958
  • MA from Islam Basics College, 1960
  • PhD with First Merit in Hadeeth, 1973
  • Dean of Qatar Religion College, 1961
  • Founded Qatar University’s Islamic Studies Dept., 1973
  • Founder and Dean of Qatar University’s Sharia and Islamic Studies, 1977-1990
  • Headed the Scientific Council of Islamic University and Higher Institutions in Algeria, 1990-1991
  • Manager of Sunna and Seerah Centre in Qatar

Decision of the General Secretariat   

In recognition of his being one of the Arab Islamic thinkers who contributed greatly to the service of Islamic Ideology and simplifying it to make it easier for Muslims all over the world, the Board  of Trustees decided to give the Cultural and Scientific Achievement awarded to Sh. Dr. Yousef Al Qaradhawi.

Dr. Al Qaradhawi knew his times very well He studied the dangers facing Islam and then issued his Fatwa Is without any prejudice. He refused to waste his time in secondary issues, but focused on Islam’s battle against ideologies coming from the East and West.

 He underlined the fact that laws by themselves do not make a nation if not supported by ideological and psychological changes. He fought extremism and violence and called for love and dialogue and most of all he called for liberalisation of Islamic society through a fundamental change of the morals in society. He also called for the liberation of Islam from all the distortions of extremists and interpretations of the ignorant. He supported projects that aimed at spreading Islam such as his own internet project. He published 20 books on Islam and a similar number of text books.


  • Islamic Bank Award of Islamic Economic Development, 1411 H.
  • International King Faisal Award for Islamic Studies, 1413 H.
  • Malaysia Islamic University Award of Distinguished Achievement, 1996
  • Brunei’s Sultan Hasan Bolkia Award of Islamic Sharia, 1997

Famous Work

  • Halal and Haram in Islam
  • Modern Fatwas, 2 vols.
  • Zakat, 2 vols.
  • Islam’s Solutions to Poverty
  • Patience in the Holy Quran
  • Mind and Science in the Holy Quran
  • The Work and Pious Life
  • Intention and Devotion